Understanding Apple Enterprise Distribution

How to deploy Bodyswaps to my learners on iPhone and iPad.


This document discusses how the Bodyswaps can be distributed within an organisation.
Bodyswaps is an enterprise application and is not currently available on the app stores. So the distribution process is a little different from a normal app.

iOS Devices

Custom application distribution on iOS devices is more complicated than other platforms due to restrictions placed on this by Apple.

Apple Business/School Manager

Organisations that are registered with either Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager can supply us their Organization ID to have the Bodyswaps added to their catalogue for management via their administrator interface.
This is the preferred distribution method for Bodyswaps on iOS


TestFlight is system by Apple designed for testing new apps before release. Due to its ease of use it can be used for pilot programs and is quite convenient. We can invite up to 10,000 users to try the app by just using their email address or by sharing a public link. Some points to note:
  • Apps need to be updated every 90 days before expiring.
  • Users automatically get an updates downloaded to their phone
  • Requires installing an additional app on the phone in order to install the actual Bodyswaps app, however this process is quite simple.

Third-party MDMs

Third-party MDMs (Mobile Device Management) such as JAMF Plus or Pro can be used to install custom apps simply. However it is important to understand that app needs to be signed correctly with an appropriate distribution certificate in order for this to work otherwise it won’t launch on the device.
Bodyswaps is the developer of the app, but in order to distribute it on your devices we can’t sign our apps to run on your devices. There are two ways of doing this:
  • Sign up to the relevant developer program (see below) and add us as a developer to your account. We would build the app using your certificate. Additional charges will be made for this given the extra work it requires.
  • We give you an .IPA file and you re-sign it using your certificates, which requires some technical know-how

Apple Developer Enterprise Program

If your organisation is part of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program then you can distribute internally developed apps within your organisation freely. However there are a number of eligibility requirements for joining which you can read about on their web site.

Ad-hoc distribution

Not everyone qualifies for the enterprise program, so don’t worry if you are member of Apple’s standard Developer Program then in some cases an ad-hoc distribution is an option.
  • It requires that knowing the UDID of each device - this process can be time consuming.
  • Only 100 devices can be registered this way.
In very limited cases we can do this on our account for you. However since we have to share 100 devices amongst all our customers these slots are very sought after and there this is strictly for back-up or very small pilots only.