Install Guide: Oculus for Business

How to install Bodyswaps for enterprise deployment on Oculus Quest and Quest 2


You must have registered with Facebook for an Oculus for Business account and purchased the enterprise version of Oculus Quest via their official resellers. If you have purchased consumer Quests then please refer to Installation on Oculus Quest (Consumer)


  • Login into your workplace group and navigate to device management
  • Navigate to Apps and click Add App
  • You will then need to enter the following details
    • For Off The Shelf (OTS) users:
Field Value
App Name Bodyswaps OFB

Hash 8155cb68bf849c6fb1e790ed85bb419894ca7e2020fde59f164942c718cdb713
    • For Bespoke or Tailored customers please enter your unique details provided by your Bodyswaps representative.
  • Go to the Devices Fleet tab, click on the desired headsets and then Apps tab.
  • Click Add App and select Bodyswaps app from the list and press Save.
  • Bodyswaps will then be installed automatically on your devices when they are next on and connected to the internet.
  • When you first run the application OTS customers will need to enter a 6 digit activation PIN provided by us.