Install Guide: iPhone using TestFlight

How to install pre-release Bodyswaps content onto iPhone and iPad devices

Before starting

This method of installation is specifically for clients that want to access pre-release or test builds of Bodyswaps without going through an enterprise distribution system (MDM). It is not appropriate for large scale deployments. Please check this is appropriate deployment method for your organisation.

Bodyswaps works on most iPhones and iPads, if you have an older model please check the minimum specifications here.


  • Please install TestFlight on the device that you are going to use for testing. TestFlight is an apple application to make testing pre-release software easier.
  • On the mobile device, if you are trying out the Off the Shelf version of the software please navigate to iOS link on this download page. Otherwise please open your personalised link emailed to you by your sales representative.
  • Select Start Testing, or tap Install or Update on the Bodyswaps app
  • Once installed, click Open
  • When the app starts for the first time it will ask to "Allow Bodyswaps to record audio". Click allow