Install Guide: Vive Focus (sideloaded)

How to sideload Bodyswaps onto a Vive Focus Plus or Vive Focus 3

Activating Developer Mode

In order to sideload the app, your headset will need to be switched into developer mode. This is how to do it:

  • Switch on your Vive Focus
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Navigate to More Settings
  • Scroll down to field labels Build Version and click it 7 times in a row.
  • After the 7th click you should see a message that reads "You are a developer"
  • Go back and click on More Settings icon
  • Scroll down to Developer Options section. Toggle on the USB Debugging option.


Connect the Focus to your PC/Mac

Connect your Focus to your computer via the USB-C cable provided. In the case your PC or Mac does not have a USB-C port, you will have to purchase an adaptor, such as this one

Make sure your Focus is authorized by putting on the headset and allowing USB Debugging.

Sideload the Application via SideQuest

Download the SideQuest software for PC or Mac to be able to sideload VR experiences using this link.  Despite its name, for our purposes, it works great on Vive Focus+

Download the software according to the operating system of your computer.

  • Start the installation process of Side Quest and follow instructions until the installation is complete
  • Download the Vive Focus APK file of the Bodyswaps app from this link
  • Ensure the Focus headset is connected to your computer via a USB cable
  • Open the Side Quest software
  • On the upper right side of the screen, find the Install/Select APK button (it maybe inside a collapsed drop-down menu if the window is small)
  • Chose the downloaded .APK file you downloaded and click OK.

Launch the app

  • Put on your Headset and navigate to Library on the toolbar.

  • Find BodyswapsVR in the list and click it after a short pause you will be in Bodyswaps!