License management

How Bodyswaps manages licenses for enterprise deployments


When the Bodyswaps app is first run on a device it checks in, via the internet, to our licensing server.
  • It securely sends a customer activation code to the server along a unique identifier of the device
    • If you are using the “Ready to go” version of Bodyswaps (i.e., from the website download page) then you will be asked to enter manually enter a numeric code to identify you.
    • If you are using a bespoke build distributed securely then this can be automated for you.
  • Bodyswaps will validate the code and check the number of devices we have registered for you against your commercial agreement.
  • Bodyswaps will then send back configuration data to the app to customise it for your needs. This includes:
    • Personalised branding
    • User/privacy settings
    • Data configuration settings


Depending on the commercial agreement you have with us we may license you on a per device or per session basis. Each app monitors usage of the training modules and reports this periodically to the license server.
The license server will keep count of the number of sessions used across all your registered devices. When you are reaching the limit set up in the commercial agreement a warning will be send to the app.
If the number of allowed sessions has been exceeded then the app will no longer function.
Normally the app checks in with our server before starting each training session. To allow for situations where internet connectivity may be volatile, devices are allowed to operate for a limited time without checking in to the licensing server. By default this is up to ten sessions or once every 24 hours. This can be adjusted on a per customer basis.