Bodyswaps Go

Your content, user and analytics management portal

Bodyswaps Go is a web-based portal for configuring and managing users in Bodyswaps. It duplicates some of the features of an account management tool and an LMS (learning management system).

With Bodyswaps Go you can:
  • - Create and manage learners' access to Bodyswaps content
  • - Send email invitations to specific classes
  • - View usage of Bodyswaps within your organisation
  • - Manage devices you have Bodyswaps installed on and configure their behaviour
  • - Produce short-codes to sign in to the app in order to access your online profile


Bodyswaps Apps

Access modules on VR, PC and mobile 

Bodyswaps software is delivered as an app that needs to be downloaded and installed on a compatible VR headset, PC or mobile device. You can access our library of training modules on: 

Virtual Reality Headsets
- Oculus Quest 1 or 2 (Consumer)
- Vive Focus+, Vive Focus 3,
- Pico Neo 2, 3 & 4 

PCs and Laptops
- Windows PC
- Apple Mac

Mobiles & Tablets 
- IOS devices 
- Android devices

'Zero to Hero' Pilot Guide

Zero to Hero Guide

Gain valuable insights into running a successful Bodyswaps pilot and deployment with our comprehensive guide.

Discover diverse strategies and essential considerations for deploying Bodyswaps, covering everything from hardware requirements to staff training.


Embrace the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all approach in this transformative journey!


Promotional Resources

Employability Poster

Get instant access to a wide range of customizable templates, including eye-catching posters, that are perfect for promoting your Bodyswaps program both internally and externally.


Meta Quest 2 & Bodyswaps Guide

Quest Set-Up-1

If you've just purchased a Meta Quest 2 and are looking for guidance on how to get set up, this guide has been designed for you! 


From unboxing your new headset to loading up the Bodyswaps app, follow these steps to get started! 


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