Version 2.1

What’s new

  • Two new modules as part of Lets Talk About Race series co-developed with George Brown University
    • Recognising Privilege
    • Bias As A Barrier
  • Giving Feedback module updated to support Journal features
  • Observation mini-game in all modules has been updated:
    • Improved and standardized user interface for clarity and use
    • Sound effect is linked to score not the type of observation.
    • Live observations spotted board UI added
    • Timings changed to be more generous
  • Classes now support more multiple module and are ‘sticky’ - so users stay logged in to the class after completing the module unless in shared device mode. This is now the recommended way to enrol learners.
  • In app language settings has three states - device default, English and French. This is to allow differentiation between locales - e.g. American & British English for speech recognition improvements.
  • Additional UI notifications to make the sign-in process clearer and for offline use cases.
  • Avatar animations have been refined.

Known Issues

  • Changing a users preferences (e.g. restricted content) in Bodyswaps Go is not updated in the app until the learner re-signs in.