Versions 2.7

What’s new in 2.7 (including 2.7.1, 2.7.2 & 2.7.3)?

Public Speaking Update (1.2)
Following user testing, we have made a number of changes to Public Speaking based on feedback. Which are:
  • Increased User Avatar Diversity 
  • Improved audience reactions 
  • Small minor content adjustments
General App Updates
  • Topic Selection - class creators can now select individual topics within any module that supports this feature (currently only Public Speaking, but future modules will also do this). De-selected topics remain visible but labelled as 'disabled by admin' and cannot be selected.
  • Virtual PDA contrast was increased to help users with dyslexia.
  • We've made various adjustments to help improve hand/body collisions.
  • Various bug fixes


2.7.1 & 2.7.2

These app updates released a small number of bug fixes.


    2.7.3 (PC, Mobile & Tablet) & 2.7.4 (VR Only) 

    New content: Negotiation & Conflict Management Skills (3 modules)


    1. Laying the groundwork for negotiation (25 min)

    Reflect on how you approach negotiations

    • Make effective small talk

    • Build rapport and trust, and manage the impression you make

    • Use active listening to understand the other person better


    2. Approach and mindset (25 min)

    • Recognise the link between emotions and approaches to negotiating

    • Identify behaviors that indicate a ‘convincing’ approach 

    • Investigate interests for a better outcome 

    • Successfully negotiate a positive outcome by adopting an ‘understanding’ approach


    Gaining influence and value in negotiations (25 min)

    • Understand sources of influence in negotiations

    • Discover tangible and intangible interests

    • Gain influence by adding issues and value to negotiations 

    • Use self-coaching to boost your confidence in gaining influence