Bulk user upload

If you have a lot of users, you may find it more convenient to upload them from a CSV (comma separated values) file.

Select your CSV

To do, navigate to the User Tab (Admins only) this click Import Users from the top bar of the user list and select your file
The csv file can have any number of columns, but will typically look a little like this:
Alternatively, you can create a spreadsheet to compile the data and download this as a csv file.  


Match the columns

Next you need to specify which columns contain the names, email addresses, user's role and tag. Accepted values for role are learner, admin & coach only..
Just select from the drop-down list for each field and click Continue

Please note: if your upload does not include a title row, the data used to match the columns with the correct data points in step 3 will be omitted from the user upload. We would advise that you have a title row listing the information contained in that column or order, such as: Name, Email, Role, Tag to ensure learner data is not missed in the upload. 

Check the results

Any lines that have errors - e.g. empty name or invalid email address will be highlighted in red and must be fixed before continuing. If everything looks good click Continue.


Organise and save

The last step is optional, but you can upload users directly into a class that has been created on your account.
If you don't have a class for them to join yet, we'd recommend adding a tag and uploading them into the Global Pool until you have created the class. 
Bulk Class 1

Note: by selecting a class, this will import users into the class but will not automatically invite them to participate in training, you will need to Send Invitations on the class page to trigger this. 

Note: by selecting Global Pool, Learners will be uploaded but not sent an invitation to register, you will need to Send Invitations on the User Tab to trigger this. If you upload Admins or Coaches, they will automatically be sent an invite.