Bodyswaps x Meta Immersive Soft Skills Education Grant - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from the Immersive Soft Skills Education Grant recipients


A: 20th February with Welcome Week - click here for the schedule

Q: What happens during the onboarding process?

A: We provide the information your sponsors need to feel confident using Bodyswaps, Bodyswaps Go and ensure you have all you need for a successful rollout. 

Q:  What data will you be collecting?

A: By clicking here you can find more details about how we capture and use data in the app.

We will provide more information on the questionnaires and research when the programme begins. 

Q: Can I invite my colleagues to join onboarding and cluster meetings?

A: Yes! The more the merrier. 

Q: How can we access the modules?

A: There are a number of options available when inviting facilitators and learners to access modules, we will walk through these during onboarding. If you’d like to explore this in advance, you can read our help centre articles here

Q: Can I access Bodyswaps through other headsets and non-VR devices?

A: Yes, if you have other Meta Quests or even other devices, your licence as part of this grant allows you unlimited access. Click here for a list of compatible devices.


Q: Why do we need to pay £200/$250?

A: Although the headsets, software licence and support are included in the grant, we ask asking applicants to contribute to the setup and shipping logistics with a nominal fee of $250 / £200.


Q: What should we add as the logistics payment reference?

A: "Meta Grant + Institution Name"


Q: If we install the software on headsets for our testing purposes (before we launch), will that kick off the 3-month period?

A: No, downloading our apps will not start the grant access period.

We actually encourage you to download the programme ahead of the 20th to ensure you can make the most of the 3-month period when it does begin!


Q: Do we need to attend every onboarding clinic?

A: You're welcome to join as many sessions as you need, depending on how confident you feel using our software and managing the portal after the training. 

We've set these sessions up at a range of times so that you can find a window that works for you over the course of the week.   


Q: Are we able to also use headsets that we already have access to?

A: Yes, please feel free to download Bodyswaps on all compatible devices to make the most of your access. 


Q: On this program, can we use the platform on windows, IOS and Android as well? or we have to use VR only?

A: Yes, please feel free to download Bodyswaps on all compatible devices to make the most of your access. 


Q: How long do access codes last for students, when generated on Learner tab or via class invites?

A: All codes generated in this way are valid for 10 minutes. 


Q: Have Welcome Week training sessions been recorded? 



Q: What file formats may be uploaded for presentations?

A: PDFs - more information here


Q: Can the coach/teacher see student progress, or is that only possible for admins?

A: Coaches can see user progress in the class they've enrolled learners in or that have been shared with them to co-manage.