How do I upload my presentation slides?

In some of our training modules there is an option to use your own documents inside the simulation. For example, you can try use your own presentation slides in our Public Speaking and Presentation Skills module.
To upload your own documents you will require an account on Bodyswaps Go. If you don’t have one already please contact your tutor to ask them to register you. They will need your name and email address to do this. You can read more about this in the Bodyswaps Go Manual.
Once you are registered you will receive an email asking you to create a secure password.
Login into our admin portal Bodyswaps Go with your email and password.
On the left hand side is a your navigation bar - please select Documents.
This will show you all your uploaded documents. This will be empty the first time.
Click Add File to upload a presentation. Use the file browser to select your presentation.
We accept presentations in PDF format - note that files must be less than 10Mb in size. If you are using Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote please export slides in PDF first.
Return to the app and press Back.
Then click on the Refresh button at the bottom.
Your presentation should now be visible in the selection.