Setting up MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)

If you are trying to log on to Bodyswaps Go and your account has MFA enabled, you'll need to use your phone as a secondary authenticator. 

After entering your username and password on the Bodyswaps Go login page, you'll be invited to enter your mobile phone number (as shown below) when you're logging in for the first time with MFA enabled. 
Please note the phone number must include the country code (but without the +).  
You will receive an SMS to verify your number and the screen will change to this:
 Please enter the code sent to your mobile. 
On successful verification of the code, you will see:
This will take you back to the login screen.
You will have to log-in again and re-enter a new SMS verification number.
You may also be challenged with a reCaptcha like below.
Once set up, you will need to enter the code you receive via SMS each time you log on to Bodyswaps Go but will not have to set up the connection each time.