Version 2.3.6

A guide to the new features and content of Bodyswaps v2.3.6.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills update

Various adaptions to make the module more friendly for ‘modular’ use and refine time spent in app, based on customer feedback:
  • Topic menu re-design to allow for easier dip-in - with options to Play All topics in order, go straight to the Simulator or pick individual topics.
  • At the end of each activity the learner will be presented the menu rather than proceeding with the next topic.
  • Voice Shaping topic has been broken up into three separate topics: Volume, Intonation and Inflection
  •  Edits to make the introduction shorter
  •  Nola’s model speech has been removed from Verbal Pacing topic
  • Self confidence questions are presented on clicking Finish button - user will answer questions relating to topics that have completed by the user in that session.
  •  Skip button added to Vocal Pacing activity

Positional audio research study

  • Public Speaking now has 3D audio enabled for greater immersion
  • We offer Public Speaking users the opportunity to take part in an optional study with York University to measure the effectiveness of 3D positional audio on learning outcomes. Participating learners will be split into random A-B tests, one with 3D audio enabled and another with 2D audio. Anonymised data will be shared with researchers at York University.

Demo content

Added taster content from the Public Speaking and Presentation Skills simulator - one minute public speaking challenge in the public forum.


  • Job Interview modules more clearly labelled in menu system
  • Exit survey questions changed across all content
    • Measurements from 1-10 scale instead of 1-5
    • Reduced from five to three questions - removed confidence and effectiveness questions.
  • New UI sounds across all modules
  • Public Speaking is now available to stream from our cloud service.

Data export

On Bodyswaps Go, we have added new options for the export of learner data from the system. These are strictly controlled via our ‘Learner Consent’ controls.


Concise Communication module - fixed issue with UI graphics being hidden in observation sequence