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Saying No to Sexual Harassment

We all agree that sexual harassment is wrong. So why are so many people still forced to endure it - every single day?
Unequal power structures and poor societal norms mean that perpetrators often go unchallenged and it can be hard for targets and witnesses to know how to respond for fear of making matters worse.
So how do we stand up to gender-based violence in our communities?
This training, developed in collaboration with the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ITCILO) helps learners to become active participants in saying no to sexual harassment when they see someone being targeted.
In the module we help learners:
  • Reflect on common forms of sexual harassment
  • Recognise when a behaviour becomes unacceptable
  • Challenge sexual harassment in an effective, non-confrontational way

User Avatars

As part of this module, please welcome May & Eric to our cast of selectable user avatars.

Demo mode & reseller features

We’ve revisited our demo content after hearing requests from our resellers and partners for some bite sized content that demonstrates the breadth of our learning content without being too topic specific.
In response, we’ve created a kind of greatest hits medley from our other popular modules showcasing the types of interactions and play types we have. This content can be completed in 3-5 minutes - perfect for short demos and exhibitions.
image.png   image.png
image.png image.png
This demo content can be accessed either from the app set-up screen as before using the Demo Mode button and now also from the main experience selection menu.
Administrators, using our administration portal Bodyswaps Go, can switch any Bodyswaps app installed on their devices to run in Demo mode. The next time the app starts it will launch straight to the demo module without having to navigate through other content. Alternatively, if you want to demo a specific module there’s also the ability to unlock all checkpoints.  Perfect for that tradeshow or important business meeting.
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