Version 2.6.1

A guide to the new functionality of Bodyswaps v2.6.1

New content: Customer Experience training (2 modules)

Improving Customer Service in Difficult Situations

Disruption during travel can have wide-reaching effects on customers’ lives, affecting more than just their journey. Delays can keep customers from appointments and prevent them from honouring commitments, which can also affect their personal relationships.

This simulation shows you how to listen for customers’ emotional drivers in order to adapt your response to address particular concerns when delivering updates and information.


Making a Bad Situation Better

Whatever the reason for a customer’s journey, if you get your customer service right, you can make a good experience great and a bad one better. But if you get it wrong, you could turn a good experience bad and make a bad one even worse! So what happens when circumstances beyond your control threaten to spoil a customer’s plans?

This simulation lets you try out different approaches in a safe environment to find out the impact your decisions can have on the customer experience.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug related to Android Mobile (DLC)
  • Fixed bug related to avatar selection in Job Interview Simulator