Enrolling Learners in Classes

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1. Manual User Enrolment - Coach or Admin led

2. Bulk Class Enrolment - Admin Led 

3. Self Enrolment - User Led

4. User Progress and Class Management

5. Resending Invites

Initial Steps

Create a class (more information here) or click on your existing class name to see all the users enrolled in this class. Unless you have copied members from another class when you created it, this will be empty initially.

If you’ve already added learners, you will see their name and their status in the class - more on this later.


Normal enrolment - Coach or Admin led 

If the class self-enrolment is disabled, click ADD LEARNERS button at the top of the list to manually add users. This will reveal a dialog with all the users in your organisation.


Tick the users you want to add to the class and then click CONTINUE.

Can’t see a learner here? Use the next page arrows to scroll through your users. Or maybe the learner is already in the class?

Bulk Class enrolment - Admin Led 

When bulk uploading users into the User Tab of your Bodyswaps Go account, Admins will soon have the opportunity to import a spreadsheet of users directly into a class.


Once uploaded, they will appear in the class but they will not have been sent an invite to a) create a password or, b) access the code generation link for the class content. 


Their status will be Requires Invite and you can send these one by one on the class page (using the email icon to the right of the user) or Send Invitations

Self enrolment - User Led 

If the class has self-enrolment enabled then click the ENROLMENT LINK button at the top to reveal your enrolment URL and a QR code that you can download, print or distribute however you like.

This link is specific for this class, but doesn’t change. If you click on this link it will take you to an enrolment form, where the learner can enter their email address and name.

Tip: Right click on the QR code and select Save Image to download it to your computer.



Once a learner has been enrolled in the class, the next step is to notify them. Note: if the learner has self-enrolled then this process is automatic. 


Bodyswaps will send an invite email to the user at their email address. 

Tip: to make sure they get the email please make sure emails from bodyswaps.co are not blocked by your spam filters. If they are having persistent problems - you can use our workaround here.


To trigger an invite email you can either click on the envelope icon next to each learner's name. However it often more convenient to use the SEND INVITATIONS button at the top of the window. This brings up a dialog:



You can chose to invite everyone, or only learners that you’ve not invited already.

Once this is done you can see the status of who has been sent an invite as their status will change.



Monitoring progress

The purpose of the class is to direct a set of learners to do a specific module within a well defined time period. This could be all in a online meeting, or set as a homework over a few days or weeks.


From Bodyswaps Go you can monitor the status of each learner in the class.



The possible status messages are:

  • REQUIRES INVITE - learner has been enrolled, but hasn’t received an invite email. You can do this by using the invite function.
  • X INVITE SENT - learner has been sent an invite, but they’ve not started the module yet.
  • STARTED - learner has gone into the module in the Bodyswaps app, but not completed it yet.
  • % COMPLETED - learner has completed the module.

To see a more detailed breakdown of the learners activities, you can hover over their completion percentage or click on their name and it will take you to their activity list. This is a list of events recorded by Bodyswaps.


Learner did not receive an invite email

Sometimes the learner may not get an email from Bodyswaps if there is a strict spam policy on your organisations IT systems. To get round this you can manually send them an invite code from another email address, SMS or other messaging system.


In the Class View click on their name. Wait a few seconds.

You should see a box like this:



Click Generate Code and copy and paste this into an email. This code is valid after twenty four hours. Once generated you can’t access it again so copy it right away.