How to use SideQuest to install Bodyswaps

Full instructions on using SideQuest to install Bodyswaps via an APK

First time

Download the APK to your computer

Click on the link you were provided by us to download the APK file. This may take a few minutes to download and can happen in the background.

Install Side Quest

Install Side Quest software from here: This software is the easiest way to install third party software on the Quest.

Use the Advanced Installer option on their page (see below)

Screen capture of SideQuest advanced installer option

Setting up Developer Mode

If this is the first time you’ve used SideQuest then you’ll need to set up your headset in Developer Mode. This allows you to install apps that are not on the Meta Store.

First you’ll need a developer account:

  • Go to the Oculus developer website and log in to your existing meta account. (You created this account when you first set up your headset.)
  • From the developer dashboard you must verify your account by adding a credit card or setting up two-factor authentication.

Enable developer mode from the Oculus app

  1. Now your developer account is verified, Turn on your headset and place it next to you
  2. From your phone or tablet, go to the Oculus Quest application and ensure you are signed in with the same account you just verified.
  3. From the app go to “Menu” then click the “Devices” icon
  4. Providing the headset is switched on and connected to the same WiFi as your mobile device, your headset should show here
  5. From this screen select “Developer Mode” and then toggle the developer mode option to on.

Screen capture of SideQuest developer settings toggle option

Connect your headset

Use the USB Link cable to connect your PC to your Quest. Check the status at the top of the SideQuest. 

  1. If it says “Dev Mode” with an orange dot then that means your headset needs to be switched into Developer Mode (see above step). 
  2. If it says “Unauthorized” with an orange dot then put on the headset and you’ll see a pop-up saying “Trust this computer?” - click Yes, Always
  3. If it’s green then you are good to go!

Screen capture of SideQuest task manager with Dev mode

Screen capture of SideQuest task manager with download icon highlighted

Click on the download icon on the top bar (between Wifi and Files symbols)

  • Select the APK on your computer and wait (takes a minute or two) 

Run the app

The APK you have installed will replace any existing install of Bodyswaps.

That means if you’ve previously downloaded Bodyswaps from the App Lab Store, then it will replace this version.


Important note: if you’re asked to UPDATE your app, please ignore and click LATER. This happens because the new version of the app you’ve installed doesn’t match the one on the store and Oculus wants you to update it. If you click UPDATE, then it will redownload the version from the store and you’ll need to repeat the installation.


Go into your headset and see if you can find Bodyswaps in the menu. 

If it’s not visible you may need go to “Unknown Sources” this is from a drop down menu (see image below). This happens if you’ve never downloaded Bodyswaps before on the device. 

Screen capture of apps inside the headset

Run Bodyswaps. You may need an access code which can be generated from Bodyswaps Go.