Install Guide: Pico Neo

How to install Bodyswaps on Pico headsets

Pico version of Bodyswaps is now available on the Pico App store or you can sideload it using SideQuest or another MDM of your choice.

Pico App Store

At time of writing, Pico store does not support direct web links so the process for finding Bodyswaps is:
  • Launch the App Store in the Pico home menu
  • Use the virtual keyboard to search for Bodyswaps


  • Select Bodyswaps from the list
  • Select to install


APK (installation via MDM or SideQuest)


To install Bodyswaps using a sideloading tool like SideQuest 🌐 or a wireless mobile device manager application (like ArborXR 🌐) you will need to download the Bodyswaps APK executable onto your desktop. Then follow the instructions of your preferred installer.

Using an MDM like Arbor XR or Manage XR allows you to install our app (and any other ones you may be using) remotely on a fleet of devices. If you are using Arbor XR or Manager XR and would like to be added to our Bodyswaps distribution list, please contact your Customer Success team member or email for further details.


Installing using SideQuest

Connect your Pico to your computer via the USB-C cable provided.
Download the SideQuest software for PC or Mac to be able to sideload VR experiences using this link 🌐.  Despite its name, for our purposes, it works great on Vive Focus+
Download the software according to the operating system of your computer.
  • Start the installation process of Side Quest and follow instructions until the installation is complete
  • Ensure the Focus headset is connected to your computer via a USB cable
  • On the upper right side of the screen, find the Install/Select APK button (it may be inside a collapsed drop-down menu if the window is small)
  • Chose the downloaded .APK file you downloaded and click OK.



  • Put on your Headset and navigate to Apps on the toolbar.
  • Find Bodyswaps in the list and click it after a short pause you will be in Bodyswaps!