Microphone Permissions

This article covers the microphone permission settings in PC and VR.


  • General - In-App Settings
  • VR
  • PC
  • MAC



General - In-App Settings

In the Bodyswaps app, please confirm (after navigating to Settings) that the correct microphone is listed, as shown below: 

Check Microphone


On a Quest, you can confirm microphone permissions are enabled for Bodyswaps via:

  • Headset settings
  • By clicking the three dots icon on the Bodyswaps app card in the App Library


The video below walks through the two options:




On your PC - navigate the following route:

PC Settings > Apps > Installed Apps > Bodyswaps > three dots on right hand side > Advanced Options > App Permissions > Microphone: ON



On your MAC - navigate the following route:

Settings > Privacy & Security > Allow applications access to the microphone > Bodyswaps toggled ON 

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 10.56.04