Learner Tab

The Learner page is viewable by all users of the system.

The Learner page allows you to:

  • Create a short code to sign into the app.
  • Access completion certificates and learning journals for all the modules you have done.

Generating an access code

Access codes are used to sign in to the app. Whilst signed in, the users progress is saved to the online account.

  • Log into your Bodyswaps account using email / password combination here: https://go.bodyswaps.co
  • Select the Learner Tab. On your home page, you will see your available training modules. Click on the PLAY button on the module you want to play to take you to the relevant instructions or click on the GET ACCESS CODE button. 



  • Once you click the PLAY or GET ACCESS CODE button, a six-digit code will generate.



  • Start the Bodyswaps app. It will prompt you to enter your six-digit code generated via the Learner tab.


After entering the code it will check with the server and download the relevant settings to your device.

Note: For additional information on accessing assigned training modules, please click here.


Completion Certificates & Journal Notes

This section shows any completed modules you have done.

There are links for downloading the certificate as a PNG file and also for accessing the journal content as a PDF.



Content Library

As an Administrator, this page shows all the content in the Bodyswaps library that has been activated for your account.

As a Learner, this page only shows the content that is available to them specifically which can be controlled on a user-by-user basis.