User Roles in Bodyswaps Go

W,e support a number of different user roles:


These are people responsible for managing the Bodyswaps account and have special privileges for enrolling new users, creating classes, viewing account analytics, and managing devices. Typically this is a teacher or trainer.

Admins can access the following tabs:



These users have special privileges for creating and monitoring classes. Typically, this is a facilitator.

Coaches can access the following tabs:

Enrolled Learners

These are learners (students/trainees). Learners are added to Bodyswaps using a name and email address. There are two levels of registration status for enrolled learners:

  • Pre-registered - the learner has been added to the system, but they’ve not created a password yet. They can still access specific modules when invited to register for a 'class'. But they can’t ‘self-serve’ i.e. browse the Bodyswaps catalogue until they are registered with a password. 
  • Registered - the learner has created a password and can log in to Bodyswaps Go. They can generate their own short codes to sign in to the app and browse any content authorized for them.


Guest learners

If a learner hasn’t been pre-enrolled, they can still access Bodyswaps by signing in as a guest from the application sign-in screen.

When this happens, a guest user is automatically created on the system. 

Note: Since these guest users are counted against the organization's users quota, the guest feature is disabled by default. Please contact us if your organization desires guest access. 



An anonymous login code can be generated that allows the app to be used without requiring users to be enrolled or use guest accounts. 

Note: This is only available on accounts that are billed per device, per session basis or have an unlimited user license.